Joanna Littell, MFTWelcome to my site and the therapeutic journey that you are considering for yourself or a loved one. Initiating this process can take a lot of courage and might feel overwhelming. You may wonder if therapy will be a safe experience and if it will help to address your concerns. If you are returning to therapy, you might feel the anticipation of starting again. These are all normal thoughts and concerns.

Please be reassured that I deeply respect the effort that it can take to initiate this process, to show up and participate, and to make healthy changes. You can expect me to be confidential, supportive and empathetic. I am naturally analytical and genuinely inspired by the process of helping others and promoting positive change.

My therapist “tool kit” includes:

  • Trusting the process of therapy and anticipating that it can be a challenging, meaningful, and ultimately, rewarding process for clients.
  • Helping clients to uncover and build on their strengths with the intention of developing greater feelings of confidence and realistic coping skills.
  • Using insight about family dynamics to validate the importance of roots while identifying self-sabotaging familial beliefs and behaviors.
  • Assisting clients in isolating and reframing irrational beliefs to reduce anxiety, depression, and demeaning thoughts.
  • Providing a safe emotional holding space that inspires clients to work through hard emotional moments and push towards healing.

Please feel free to look around my website and contact me if you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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